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Full Planning Services

A corporate event involves plenty of variables, which are specific to the company´s identity, values and standards and also, to the industry in which the company operates. 


We know that planing an event goes beyond throwing a great party with an amazing decor.  Behind that result, there are months of research, planning and logistics, not to mention budget management, setting metrics of success, marketing and promotional activities and more. Knowing exactly how to manage these variables in an orderly, efficient manner, is what makes successful events.   . 

Company anniversaries, product launches, team buildings, conferences, seminars,. family days, incentive travels or any other specific celebration your company has, we are here to plan it with you. 

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Events Design & Styling

Event design goes hand in hand with your event planning process. .

Once you start planning an event, it begins to be alive in your head: you imagine this amazing venue with lots of green spaces where the attendees can relax and connect, while having the chance of approaching a Tiki bar to have some drinks or fresh fruit juices: or an extra large  conference room where everybody can interact with the  last  technological gadgets. While you create your event, decor elements instantly come to life, as well as the feeling you want your attendees to experience. 


Event styling is what will make your event stand out of the crowd and what surely help you comply with most KPIs. and objectives. 

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