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Hello!   We are Tuty and Sebastián, creators of GAUDIUM GROUP, our wedding and event planning company located in Quito, Ecuador.  We started business back on 2008, so we have acquired a great deal of experience and we know how weddings and events work from start to finish, no matter how small or big your event is. All our knowledge and experience are at your service, without limitation!


We started specifically as a wedding planning business with my personal brand “Tuty Tama Wedding Planner”. We focused mainly on weddings due that at the time we got into business, there were just a few wedding planners in Quito and besides, the wedding planner role as it is,  was not even well known in Ecuador.   At the same time, we also planned other social events such as christenings, baby showers, bridal shower, birthday parties and thematic parties.

Due to our clients´ requests, on 2012 we started planning corporate events.  We began with small events, 20 to 30 people but we were fortunate enough to handle bigger events of up to 450 people. This gave us the confidence and motivation to say yes, we are doing things right!


Fast forward 3 years, and in 2015 we created our digital magazine ABANICO. The purpose of this project was to help small business and entrepreneurs promote their services and products. With time, Abanico experienced a leap and now it is a digital publication with different themes and perspectives.  And from that year on, we haven’t stopped! We are always looking to innovate in our small events world and our last project in mind is to promote Ecuador as the best destination for weddings in South America. Yes, it is a big dream, but we are truly convinced that this tini, tiny country hast all it needs to stand out from the crowd and offer unique, fun experiences to all couples who seek to reconnect with the essential in life.

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Tuty Tama



I am a PR graduate, almost chef, flamenco dancer and last, but not least,  a Certified Wedding & Event Planner + Wedding Designer from The Wedding Academy, an amazing school located in London. Along these years that I´ve been head over heels in the wedding and events industry, I am confident enough to say that the knowledge, information, the formality and professionalism with which you approach an event and the empathy you are able to share with a client, are the most important tools a planner has in her pockets and it is definitely, what makes the difference between one planner and another.


Events are communication tools, for such, every event communicates something to an attendee. Every event, either a corporate or a social one, should have objectives set before planning them, and it is up to us planners, to help you succeed, have the expected results, install KPI´s to measure your event´s success and also, help you analyze ROI. 


I know  this might sound scary if what you want to plan is a wedding, but it is not much different.  To have a successful wedding, we have in house KPI´s which help us monitor your wedding success, we have an assigned budget to work with, all these while helping you have the wedding you´ve always dreamed of and have the greatest time while planning it.

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Sebastián Arboleda Andrade


“We live in a world where the funeral matters more than the dead, the wedding more than love and the physical rather than the intellect. We live in a container culture, which despises the content.."  (E. Galeano)

Besides planning and styling corporate and social events, we are people who work with feelings, with all our soul, heart and joy. For us, the human being is above all and deserves a special treatment: respectful, kind, always attentive and this is what we practice in our company. Without ever leaving our professionalism, sometimes reason stays behind and we walk the extra mile when there is feeling, the love of a couple who is about to share their life forever is a privilege that we know how to handle, as well as the coexistence of people who share their life in their work area. The satisfaction of watching a person´s fulfillment after these special moments is the energy that motivates us to continue doing our work.

Gaudium, Planificación de Eventos Empresariales, Wedding Planner
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