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Gaudium - Planificación de Eventos Empresariales - Wedding Planner

Andes Wedding Ceremony


What does a Wedding Planner do anyways?

Your wedding planner is in charge of all the planning, production and logistics of your dream wedding, while taking care of your budget, optimizing your time and making you live a stress free, zero worries planning process. With a certified wedding planner, you can rest assured that your wedding day is in good, professional hands.  


How do we work?

It all starts with a meeting, which hopefully includes a coffee, but if you are not in Ecuador, a Skype conference or a Whatsapp video call is the best way to start.   Meeting you is really the best starting point: getting to know you and listening to what you expect and envision for your wedding helps us identify your needs, your style and what you want to experience during your big day. 


Event Planner Ecuador


Corporate Events

Looking for a new destination to hold your annual marketing retreat? Or why not, the next medical or technological summit? Are you in the tourism industry and want to plan a fam-trip for your VIP clients? Or is Ecuador near your geomarket division and you have overlooked it time and time again because you do not have the time to research what this country has to offer?

Well, then you have come to the right place! We want to help you plan your next corporate event in Ecuador and this way, you help us spread the word about this tiny country in South America that has all in one place!

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