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This is one of the first couples we helped plan their wedding, hence our special affection for them. Gaby and Augusto got married in La Morita, one of the valleys surrounding Quito, in Augusto´s parents “quinta”. This was a day wedding, for which we created a bold combination of colors:  turquoise, brown and white, with accents in orange.  A polka dots pattern twist on centerpieces and chairs added fun and style to the whole decor.

Gaby´s bouquet was outstandingly simple, original and beautiful, with fucsia and orange gerberas.  One of the main priorities for them was to have a great party, for which we had a live music band from start to finish.  It was indeed, a memorable party!

There was a very special moment during the wedding reception. Augusto, with her sister and best friend, prepared two songs which they performed right before the party started. Augusto dedicated these songs to Gaby, who was overwhelmed with emotion, as well as every single guest. It was so romantic! Augusto and her sister are gifted with music, it might be said they are two born musicians, so it was impossible not to have them perform on this special day.

This wedding was really an amazing party with friends and family who traveled from afar to attend this very special day.  It is remembered, until this day, as one of the best weddings ever!

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