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"In this era we live, when everybody rushes around and we are technologically invaded, it is essential to have a supporting hand if you are planning an event.  In our case,  Tuty and Gaudium´s help with our wedding, with their aim of optimizing the planning process of events, lead us to relax in terms of details regarding our wedding which, at the end of the day, tend to stress out a couple, more so a bride and her parents.  The key is to let yourself guide by a wedding planner, she will ease the road by assessing you in the toughest decisions and even making you reconsider about products or service you are thinking on letting out of the wedding. The aim Tuty has towards her clients, and this was our case, is for them to really enjoy the most important day of a couple who has decided to share their lives. 

There are lots of paradigms we believe we should comply with or follow for a wedding to be successful, when the important thing really, is who are the main characters of such event.

We were able to enjoy amazing moments during our wedding, which a lot of couples have missed forever, just because they didn’t consult or consider the fact of having a wedding planner who knows the difference between staging a scenario from enabling a dream come true."


Gaby and David

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