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Destination: adjective  -being a place that people will make a special trip to visit.


Ecuador is a destination, from where you look at it.  We are located exactly in the Middle of the World, we have 4 regions which makes our weather great and friendly all year long, short distances between spots, biodiversity, history, nature and its people make it an unforgettable place to live and visit.  All these, combined with a mixture of traditions and culture, Spanish and Indigenous, makes Ecuador one of the most picturesque countries in South America and a perfect spot for tying the knot.

Imagine a colonial hacienda surrounded by ancient trees, colorful flowers and cobble paths, with a fireplace ready to warm your afternoon and a fresh herbs infusion to feed your soul; an immense beach by the Pacific, with palm trees, coconuts, fresh fruit, the best seafood you´ll ever have and the ocean at sunset as witness of your love; a Catholic ceremony in a 15th century astonishing church located in downtown Quito, the best preserved downtown of all South America, and a white horses carriage taking you down the narrow beautiful streets; a symbolic ceremony surrounded by nature at its best in our Oriente region, full of trees, rivers and extraordinary plants; or a paradisiac experience at the Galapagos, where virgin beaches and one of a kind species will welcome you.


These are just a few of the alternatives we can prepare for you and your guests for your Destination Wedding in Ecuador.


We will be delighted to help you plan your Destination Wedding in Ecuador! For more information, please fill out the Contact Form so we can schedule a date and time that fits you best and chat over Skype about the alternatives for your big day.  

So… this is me!

María Cecilia is my real name, but I´ve been called Tuty since I can remember, so my nickname has become part of who I am. In fact, many people have only known me by my nickname, hence the need to include it as an important part of my business. I was born in Quito, Ecuador, in the far away year of 1983 so, by definition, I´m supposed to be a millennial. Sorry but no. Maybe a vintage millennial will fit me better: I still use notebooks to organize my work, I really enjoy a good book over a movie, I use my mobile when it is absolutely necessary, I prefer to call and talk to people instead of texting and above all, I love coffee despite all the bad publicity over its shoulders and how I´ve seen people replacing it with anything. There is nothing like a good cup of coffee. Another fun fact about me is that I do not believe in the “light” versions of food, nor of people: I like the original flavors, the real thing.

I´m the cuddly aunty, I love to hug my nephews and nieces, they are by far one of the best presents life has given me. Three years ago I married Sebastián, a magical human being, my partner of dreams and parties, of plans and throwbacks, my partner in crime. I firmly believe that everybody will find their perfect partner, not Prince Charming, but perfect for each other. Prince Charming fairytales are great, I can´t deny that but I rather enjoy a great adventure with Peter Pan, flying to Neverland and fighting pirates in the middle of the sea of the brightest star.  Now, that is magic! Yes, I believe in magic. The magic that occurs in a hug of two people who love each other, of a scent that awakens a thousand sensations, of a song you haven´t heard in years or the shiny eyes a person gets when over thrilled with emotion. The magic of moments.

Weddings and special events have always been around in my life, so 6 years ago we (with at the moment boyfriend Sebastián) decided to start our small business of event and wedding planning. To enter this whole new world, strength and determination are not enough. Training, education, knowledge, hands on experience, a touch of character and tons of discipline are required to juggle all the balls and don´t let anyone fall.  Speaking of education, I have a degree on Public Relations but this was not enough. In order to start planning weddings, I made several wedding planning small courses, including luxury, Jew and destination weddings. Finally, two years ago I started the international certification on wedding and event planning and wedding design with the UKAWEP, a program which has helped me enormously in the process of becoming a real wedding professional, in the absolute sense of the word. You may have wondered why I emphasize so much on training and certifications. There are two main reasons: the first one is because I believe is about time the wedding industry is taken seriously in my country; and the second one is because I believe that if a client is searching for a quality, professional service and is willing to pay for this, the least we can do as planners is offer them the best service ever, they need to feel confident with our work, our capacity and know how in the area. A wedding or event planner is not made from one day to the other, it takes time to build a name and to generate confidence in a client. Once they make the decision of working with us, we must value the fact that they trust the planning of the best day of their lives in our hands. That is a privilege we as planners must value above all.  


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