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Planning our wedding was one of the best experiences. Even though on the wedding day itself we had a helping hand, all the planning and creative process was a team job with Sebastián.  We wanted a more relaxed wedding, like a family day where everybody felt comfortable and welcomed.  Sebastián´s request was for us to get married in one of Quito´s downtown churches and mine, to have a great party to celebrate this occasion.

After walking around downtown, analyzing pros and cons of every church, we chose Capilla de Cantuña as the venue for the ceremony. This is a small yet amazing chapel right by Iglesia San Francisco which fitted perfectly with our style and number of guests. For the reception, we found a  colonial house where a restaurant was operating and they allowed us to make our reception there.  Our wedding started at 5:00pm, this way we could have the sunset light for pictures and also it was a good time for us and our guests to walk from the church to the reception venue. Yes, we all walked through Quito downtown streets, it was quite an experience for all our guests.

We decided to have a cocktail party instead of dinner. And due that we were in Quito´s most precious place, we continued to have local flavors in both food and beverages.  We welcomed our guests with a “canelazo” a traditional hot beverage made from cinnamon and liqueur, and as appetizers we had “pernil” sandwiches which are is classic Quito trait, “mejido” tournovers and a classic “locro de papa” as a late night snack.  For the party, a live rock band and a DJ, we celebrated with our families and friends until late at night.

The dress code for our wedding was casual, we wanted our guests to feel free and comfy, just as we both are.  Sure you´ll notice Sebastian didn’t wore a tie and I wore a 2 pieces dress, I could take off the lengthy part (it was not a train) and I did take it off, I wanted to dance freely without having to change my dress. Dancing is fundamental in my life, so I really needed to feel comfortable.  I extended in the details so you can see how a couple´s personality can be portrayed in their wedding. It only takes time and creativity to do so. 

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