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This is a really happy couple. with a great positive energy. And this is exactly how their wedding was: full of joy, emotions and obviously, with a great party to celebrate.


Gladys and Byron decided to celebrate their religious wedding after 12 years of being legally married, 2 amazing kids and tons of incredible experiences as a family. The first time we talked, they were living in Mexico, so we began planning their wedding with both of them far away. As months passed, and due to Byron´s job, they got relocated to Quito, so we were able to work closely and get to know all their family much better.  They are fantastic people who always made us feel at home.


They wanted an elegant wedding at night. This is how we created a white & gold with soft touches of silver décor, a sober combination for the night, with an amazing dinner, open bar and over the top cake and sweets. Their kids had to participate, no questions asked, so Josue was the ringbearer and Anghy, the maid of honor.  They partied all night long and their guests were able to feel their love and joy.


Thank you Gladys and Byron for letting us feel part of your family, it was a pleasure working with you.

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