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Get Married in Ecuador Episode 1: The Country

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

It is well known that in order to consider a destination for a wedding, that place must have something special, it must be unique. We know this “uniqueness” will be different for each couple, but there are some characteristics of a destination that attract more than others: a friendly weather, the dreamy landscapes, the amazing geography, it’s delicious food, the personality of its people, the natural scenery, the distance from your home. These are all “wow” factors of a destination, the ones that make you fall in love with a place.

However, to host a destination wedding, there are other important facts you need to have in mind. And the first step is, definitely, to understand the destination, what it has to offer and how it may comply with this "unique" factor I'm sure you are looking for.

As destination weddings are on the rise and I am sure there is not enough information about Ecuador as a destination for weddings specifically, here is the first chapter of the series “Get Married in Ecuador” that will definitely place this tiny country in your short list of destinations for your wedding.

Ecuador's Geographic Regions

As you may know, Ecuador is located in South America, between Colombia and Perú. Most of you may also know that the Equator line passes through our country, meaning we are located in both, North and South Poles. In fact, we have a famous monument which represents the Middle of the World. Yes, you'll be at the center of the world when you come here!

Going a deep further, the first thing you need to know about Ecuador is how our location and geography define our regions and what you may expect to find in each. The Andes mountain range passes through the whole country, marking the difference between our coast line, the Andes and the Amazon region.

To make it brief, in Ecuador you will find 4 different regions:

The Coast: all the cities located west from the Andes are lowlands and beaches. Our beaches are bathed by the Pacific Ocean, making them different, perfect for an Ecuadorian taste beach wedding. The ambiance here is for an intimate, natural, exploring the native wedding, as you will feel totally embraced by our people, their culture and traditions. It will not be just another beach destination wedding here!

Cities located in our coast region: Guayaquil, Manta, Esmeraldas, Machala, Santa Elena.

The Andes region: over and a little west of the Andes mountain range, it is full of mountains, lakes, snow peaks, colonial downtowns, cities and painteresque towns located between 5900 to 9300 feet above sea level. Quito, as the capital, is one of the most trending cities for destination weddings and religious ceremonies, as we have lots (and I really mean, lots) of amazing churches here. If not really into the religious type of wedding, then the natural places the Andes offer will be the best choice. Your wedding at the Andes may be as luxurious or as relaxed as you like, there is space and alternatives for all! Luxury, Bohemian, Colonial, “Hacienda” or Ancestral weddings are just but a few options in this region.

Cities of our Andes region: Quito, Ambato, Riobamba, Cuenca, Ibarra, Guaranda, Loja.

The Amazon region: will find a complete different world here, surrounded by giant trees and the most biodiverse ecosystems you may imagine. Relaxed, sustainable, experiential, non-conventional weddings are perfect in these spots, with waterfalls, rivers, trees and ancestors as witnesses of your commitment. The accommodation and venue offer in this region is varied, it may be as sustainable or as comfortable as you wish; in the city or far into the jungle. But always keep in mind that going to the jungle is one of a kind experience, with its own rules.

Cities of our Amazon region: Orellana, Tena, Puyo, Macas, Zamora.

The Insular region: our Galapagos Islands are the 4th and last region . Just 1.5 hours by plane from the continent, the most famous volcanic islands welcome thousands of visitors each year. Picture your ceremony on a white sand beach with a handful of guests or on the island highlands, surrounded by escalesias and birds. A luxury or non conventional wedding may be perfectly held here.

Populated Islands: Santa Cruz, San Cristóbal, Isabela, Floreana


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