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Get Married in Ecuador Episode 3: What to expect for your Destination Wedding

There are certain destinations which, by now, are extremely well positioned and couples know exactly what they will find if they go there. México, Dominican Republic, Jamaica are beach, all included type of destinations. Italy, France, Croatia, Portugal, Greece and Spain are the top European destinations for their look and feel, their castles and gardens, the magical coastline and culture….a totally different vibe.

But when you hear Ecuador for your destination wedding, what really comes to your mind? What does a tiny country in South America has to offer for one of the most special days a couple will experience? Is it worth the try?

To help you kick-start planning your destination wedding, we’ve made a super quick summary of what you may expect of a wedding in any of our four regions.

  • Ecuador is a mix of natural, cultural and historic destination. Our strategic location with the Equatorial line dividing the country is what really makes us different from any other destination, as it determines our weather, flora and fauna. No other country in South America has this privilege.

  • Consider a 5 to 7 days stay, depending on your country of residence. It may also be a perfect opportunity to plan your honey moon here or in South America.

  • Most nationalities do not require a visa to travel here, and your stay may be as long as 90 days.

  • Transportation between venues is a must so you and your guests may live the Ecuadorian experience fully.

Middle of the World Monument in Quito, Ecuador
Ciudad Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador

  • Quito is the “go to” city for most destination weddings for couples looking for a chic, classic, top-notch wedding with a colonial meets modern style; but it is not the only option. Guayaquil is on the rise for its modern vibe, as well as Cuenca and Manta, Ecuador biggest cities. Quito is also is perfect for cultural, colonial weddings with a historic touch. Weddings here are usually at mid-day, either at a church, historic venue or "quinta", followed by reception consisting of cocktail hour, lunch and party.

Couple getting married in La Compañía, Quito, Ecuador
La Compañia Church, Quito

  • For nature lovers, Mindo and Baños are the top places to get married. Small, picturesque lodges with lovely scenery and tons of adventure activities: rafting, canopy, walks to waterfalls, zip lines, bird watching, coffee plantations and more. Your wedding ceremony here may be symbolic or ancestral in a waterfall or in the middle of the forest; reception at specific venues or hotels. This region is perfect for elopements and micro weddings.

Mindo Rain Forest

Terra Bambu Mindo

  • The Andes region offers connection to nature and to our ancestral cultures. Haciendas from the 16th century are the best alternative here, as they can be completely booked in advance and every “wedding” related event may also happen here or in nearby venues. The look and feel of this area focuses on long hikes, horseback riding, connecting with local communities and hand made crafstmanship, local organic flavors, gathering around a fireplace, an offline affair to reconnect with the essential. It doesn’t mean there can be a great party for a wedding, it sure can, as weddings are often outdoors, depending on the venue. Guest may arrive there directly within 1.5 to 2 hours from Quito’s airport.

wedding  in a lake in Ecuador
Andes Region Wedding

andes music group in wedding
Andes Musicians

Ecuadorian Hacienda in the Andes Region
Ecuadorian Hacienda in the Andes Region

  • Pacific Coast Weddings: beach weddings here are not the resort type of wedding, they have a local, unique dynamics and it own look and feel. Yes, we do have all included resorts, but that really is not the aim here. The focus here is the amazing landscape of long beaches and palm trees perfect for romantic walks, tasting local flavors, interacting with the community, the fresh seafood, the warmth of its people, the marimba rhythms, and humpback whales sightseeing. Our beaches are also perfect for a super exclusive, boutique affair for intimate weddings in private venues. Weddings at the coast have a different dynamic, they begin with party and drinks right after the ceremony. A few hours later, catering is served in buffet style, so your guests may continue dancing and eating at the same time.

Punta Blanca beach, Ecuador
Sunset in Punta Blanca, Ecuador

Fisherman in Punta Blanca, Ecuador
Fisherman in Punta Blanca, Ecuador

  • Island Wedding in Galapagos: it may be as luxurious or as relaxed as you wish, here is all about how adventurous you and your loved ones are. Flights arrive either to Santa Cruz or San Cristobal. Most 5 star hotels are located on the highlands of Santa Cruz island, while a most locale, rustic, beach vibe will be found in Isabela and San Cristobal islands. For a wedding in Galapagos, planning must start early (at least one year) as tourism to the islands is huge all year long. As most of Galapagos area is part of a national reserve, there are some requirements to comply with when planning weddings.

Civil  Wedding Ceremony in Galapagos
Civil Wedding Ceremony in Galapagos

Wedding Ceremony in Galapagos
Wedding Ceremony in Galapagos

Wedding Reception Galapagos
Wedding Reception Galapagos

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